CBIS is a recognized industry leader in Catholic Responsible Investing (CRI). As a global investment management and advisory services firm, we work closely with Investment Consultants that serve tax-exempt Catholic institutions around the world.

We believe CBIS’ unique understanding of Catholic institutions is unmatched in the investment industry and can be an unparalleled asset to the Consultants we work with. Our experience in this space is derived from more than 35 years of helping Catholic institutions achieve their investment goals while investing in accordance with Catholic beliefs.

When Catholic institutions work with Institutional Investment Consultants, CBIS honors that relationship and provides single- or multi-product solutions where needed. We also act as a critical resource as these institutions and their consultants begin the process of aligning their investments with their missions. CBIS offers ten institutional commingled funds, four fixed-income and six equity funds, separately managed accounts, and four Ireland-domiciled UCITS funds (via a related website). CBIS uses a manager of managers approach and researches institutional investment managers throughout the industry, seeking to retain the best available to manage each of our strategies.

Our consultant relations team serves as a single point of contact for information regarding our organization, approach to Catholic Responsible Investing, investment strategies and the underlying processes that drive our investment performance.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about CBIS, please contact a member of our Institutional Development Team or feel free to email us at info@cbisionline.com or call (800) 592-8890.