CBIS has robust and substantive proxy voting guidelines that are updated on an ongoing basis to address changes in the investor landscape. The guidelines help direct our decision-making process related to core environmental (e.g., climate change, energy efficiency), human rights (e.g., social concerns, diversity, employee health and safety), and governance (e.g., director independence, excessive executive compensation) issues to positively influence the behavior of companies we invest in. Each year, we vote more than 30,000 management and shareholder proposals across 3,000 proxy ballots — consistently calling on companies to adopt higher ethical standards.

We publish our voting record for all proxies voted by CBIS across all of our investment products worldwide, allowing investors to better understand our voting process and how it aligns with our position on each issue. You can see our full voting record and summary statistics below. Statistics and results can be filtered by date, fund, or by searching for a specific company name. To navigate directly to the proxy voting record, click “Votes” in the header bar below. Within the listed proxy voting results, select a company name to view proxy details.


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