Our distinctive approach to investment screening, rooted in Catholic beliefs and incorporating USCCB investment guidelines, helps Catholic institutions avoid benefiting from company activities that violate Church teachings.

CBIS recognizes the priority concerns of Catholic institutions. In our approach to screening, we apply a detailed understanding of Catholic moral theology to identify products and activities that cause some companies to be excluded from investment portfolios.

We develop the criteria for our Catholic investing screens and active ownership efforts by examining Church teachings and United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) investment guidelines, conducting research and surveys (to help identify the consensus views of Catholic institutional investors) and assessing the potential financial impact of our program.

Part of our research includes in-depth reviews of companies’ activities to determine their suitability for Catholic investors. Our evaluation leverages a bottom-up approach — our team uses third-party and original research spanning all global markets to monitor companies’ products and services on an ongoing basis.

CRI and Portfolio Construction

CBIS uses a four-step portfolio construction process. Our Catholic Responsible Investing program is an overlay to the manager’s process.


  • Manager’s


  • Remove restricted companies: Life Ethics, Violence, Tobacco and Pornography
  • Screens are generally a small portion of benchmark weight


  • Managers substitute comparable companies for screened
    companies, and/or
  • Reweight across unrestricted names


  • CBIS CRI Portfolio