Fund Closed as of 3/22/21 See Multi-Style


Seeks current income and long-term capital appreciation


Uses top down macroeconomic analysis, along with fundamental research, to capture inefficiencies in the valuation of sectors and individual securities; combined with duration management (+/– 20% of the benchmark) in pursuit of above-benchmark returns over a full market cycle

Fund Facts
Asset Manager
  • Wellington Management(Since 12/31/04)
  • Los Angeles Capital Management(Since 4/1/09)
Benchmark Bloomberg Aggregate Bond Index
Blended Benchmark

Fund Inception Date 2/1/1995
Mimimum Investment $5M/$5,000
Expense Ratio Class A: 1.17%; Class B: 0.87%

Additional Facts

Fee waivers and reimbursements are contractual and in effect until 02/28/25.

*Teachers Advisors LLC (“TAL”), a investment adviser subsidiary of Nuveen (“TAL/Nuveen”),Nuveen is the wholly owned investment manager subsidiary of TIAA. Nuveen provides investment advisory solutions through its investment specialists including Teachers Advisors, LLC, a registered investment adviser, and sub-advisor to the  CRI Bond Fund.

Characteristics as of 03/31/2024

Statistics Fund Index
Weighted Median Market Cap $356.2B $240.1B
Price/Book 9.8x 12.0x
Price/Earnings 37.9x 39.8x
Return on Equity 33.4% 31.5%
Dividend Yield 0.6% 0.7%
5-year Earnings Growth 20.7% 20.1%
Beta 1 N/A
10 Largest Holdings 52.7% 43.9%
# of Equity Securities 141 453
Turnover Rate 37.5 N/A
Market Sector Analysis Fund Index
Communication Services 13.8 11.1
Consumer Discretionary 18.3 16.8
Consumer Staples 2.9 4.6
Energy 0.0 0.1
Financials 2.2 1.9
Healthcare 9.5 13.6
Industrials 3.5 4.5
Information Technology 47.4 45.1
Materials 1.0 0.8
Real Estate 0.6 1.6
Utilities 0.0 0.0
Cash 0.7 0.0
Risk Metrics Fund
(5 YR)
(5 YR)
Standard Deviation 15.7 16.2
Tracking Error 1.6 N/A
Sharpe Ratio 1.2 1.2
Information Ratio -0.6 N/A
Upside Capture 95.8 100.0
Downside Capture 97.1 100.0
Top Ten Holdings %
Apple Inc. 12.2
Microsoft Corporation 10.8, Inc. 8.6
Facebook, Inc. Class A 5.3
Alphabet Inc. Class C 5.3
Alphabet Inc. Class A 2.3
PayPal Holdings Inc 2.2
Visa Inc. Class A 2.2
Tesla Inc 1.9
Adobe Inc. 1.9


Source: FactSet, eVestment

The securities identified and described do not represent all of the securities purchased, sold or recommended for investor accounts. The reader should not assume that an investment in the securities identified was or will be profitable. For a complete list of securities offered during the period, please contact CBIS.

  • Q4 2020 Performance Review

    12-Month Review

    • The Fund underperformed the benchmark.
    • Sector allocation contributed. Underweight to Health Care and Industrials and overweight to Information Technology were the biggest contributors.
    • Security selection detracted meaningfully to relative results.

    3-Month Review

    • The Fund underperformed the benchmark.
    • Sector allocation decisions had a neutral impact on results.
    • Selection decisions had a negative impact on relative results. The biggest detractions came from Consumer Discretionary followed by Information Technology.

    Current Positioning

    • Sector weightings are similar to those of the benchmark with the exception of Information Technology and Health Care.
    • Fund has a very low tracking error relative to peers.
    • The Fund aims to have 75% or more of their excess returns come from stock selection.
    • The Fund places a premium on companies that are reasonably valued.


All attribution is based on gross portfolio performance.

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