CBIS Announces New CRI Director

CBIS is pleased to announce that Julie Tanner has been named Director of Catholic Responsible Investing℠. Julie has been with CBIS for 13 years and most recently was focused on successfully expanding the Active Ownership program worldwide, leveraging CBIS’ global footprint as an asset manager. “Julie has been at the center of our CRI work for over a decade and embodies the spirit of what an active owner needs to be,” said Francis G Coleman, EVP with CBIS, “especially as it relates to the dignity of the human person, the cornerstone of our work. We could find no better candidate for this critical role.” As Director, Julie will oversee the Catholic Responsible Investing℠ team, covering both the investment screening process and related research, and all of the global active ownership efforts. “Julie has demonstrated strong negotiating skills with corporations, an ability to collaborate with a wide range of investors and organizations, and a strong commitment to our Participants’ missions, and of course, to the needs of the poor and vulnerable,” said Coleman.