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CBIS University is an educational platform designed to provide CBIS investors, consultants, and fiduciaries with easy access to news, insights, research, educational tools, and thought leadership.

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Investing With Intention

At CBIS, our Investment Team recognizes experienced money managers and carefully integrates their unique capabilities into a single fund in order to produce competitive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

A New Promise for Fixed Income

What is impact investing? Learn about the benefits of impact strategies and how CBIS is incorporating them into some of our CRI Funds.

There's No "C" in "ESG"

How is Catholic Responsible Investing different than Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing?

Non-U.S. Equities: Why We're Always Invested

Should investors still allocate to non-U.S. stocks? Read our view on holding non-U.S. stocks.