CBIS Contributes to PRI Guide on Fixed Income Engagement

The UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) released a new guide for investors, ESG Engagement for Fixed Income Investors: Managing Risks, Enhancing Returns. The guide is the result of collaboration between the PRI’s Bondholder Engagement Working Group, and Fixed Income experts in the field, which are featured in brief case studies in the guide. CBIS’ Director of Catholic Responsible Investing, Tracey Rembert, serves as a member of the Bondholder Engagement Working Group, and contributed to the guide’s content.

“The sustainability factors that we often focus on within our Catholic Responsible InvestingSM team can and do impact the credit worthiness of debt issuers, and they are beginning to be factored increasingly into Credit Rating Agencies’ assessment of corporate debt,” notes Rembert. “This guide is an introduction to why and how investors should be using their debtholder influence for impact and change.”

Corporate bond engagement helps investors better manage credit risk, and more clearly understand the sustainability impacts of debt issuance. The guide features sections on investor collaboration; engagement trends among fixed income investors; and the timing of debt engagement pre- and post-issuance, among other topics.

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