CBIS profiled in ICCR’s The Corporate Examiner

In its latest issue of The Corporate Examiner, the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility published a profile of CBIS and its work in corporate responsibility.

CBIS has been a member of ICCR since 1985, and we believe the orga­nization has been a critical part of our success in engaging companies in our portfolio. Coordinating with faith investors enables us to learn from other members, amplify our message, force companies to take notice and address serious social and environmental challenges.

ICCR has changed the landscape of corporate responsibility by challenging and shifting conventional notions of shareholder advocacy and engagement. By working together, ICCR members are able to impact the policies and practices of not just one or two companies but entire sectors each share­holder season. It is important for the Catho­lic religious orders, diocese, foundations, and healthcare systems that invest with CBIS to see that critical issues like human trafficking, climate change, worker rights, and environ­mental justice are well represented at ICCR. For these reasons, CBIS has been proud to be represented on ICCR’s governing board at various times throughout its history.

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