In September 2017, CBIS met with Coca-Cola’s director of global workplace rights and a small working group of ICCR members to strategize around best practices in respecting human rights in the company’s operations and supply chains. This intelligence can help us assess human trafficking policies at other major companies that are sourcing commodities around the globe.

In the second quarter of 2014, Coca-Cola published its Human and Workplace Rights Issue Guidance for its suppliers and bottlers that seeks to protect human rights in its supply chain. Although CBIS’ focus with Coca-Cola is on water stewardship, the guidance document is an important step for a major corporation in recognizing worker rights and establishing clear expectations for its partner companies. A particular focus of the guidance is on the ethical recruitment of workers including no worker-paid recruitment fees, employer-paid transportation to host countries, and full payment of earnings to workers (no automatic debiting of payments to cover expenses).