Target Joins Supply Chain Task Force in a Win for CRI!

After much urging by CBIS and other concerned investors, Target has joined the Shrimp Sustainable Supply Chain Task Force which helps ensure that the risks of forced labor and human trafficking are addressed in Thailand’s seafood supply chain. Members include Costco, Walmart, World Wildlife Fund and Thai Union, along with their suppliers, NGOs and shrimp processors and feed companies.

“We were very pleased to learn of Target’s commitment to progress on human rights,” noted Julie Tanner, Director of Catholic Responsible Investing℠ for CBIS. “We expect them to publicly report on their work with the task force and we will encourage them to join Project Issara. The Project helps migrant workers choose good employers, find safe work and living conditions, and avoid exploitative labor brokers.”

Tanner went on to state, “We believe Target’s advances can help to reduce their long-term reputational risk, protect at-risk workers, and ultimately make their seafood supply chain more resilient. As a shareholder, we strongly believe that this is good for their business.”