Catholic Responsible Investments

Unifying Faith With Finance

Catholic Responsible Investments, or “CRI,” is a proprietary strategy designed to provide Catholic investors sound financial returns while remaining faithful to the moral and social teachings of the Church. In practice, CRI includes:

  • Catholic Investment Screening to help Catholic investors avoid benefiting from company activities that violate Church teachings.

  • Diversified Asset Management to deliver a differentiated and disciplined set of portfolios to a wide range of Catholic investors.

  • Active Ownership to work on behalf of investors towards transforming portfolio companies’ policies and practices to build strong communities and protect the environment.

By extending a faith-based mission to encompass the management of investment portfolios, CBIS seeks to help Catholic investors around the world match their unique individual missions with moral investment choices.

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CBIS was founded to offer Catholic investors a way to meet their financial needs in a uniquely Catholic way. For more than 40 years, leaders of Catholic institutions have relied on CBIS and CRI to help them choose investments based on moral imperatives that guide their faith — human life and dignity, economic justice and the common good, and care for creation as our Common Home — and produce competitive, risk-adjusted investment performance.
Creating and maintaining an effective and competent socially responsible investment approach is a complicated process. CRI offers a comprehensive approach that combines Church teaching, research on ways to maximize the welfare of people and the environment, and an assessment of financial impact. By incorporating their faith into their investment approach, Catholic investors are able to pursue their mission more broadly and positively impact people’s lives.
Individual Christians who are shareholders and those responsible within church institutions that own stocks in U.S. corporations must see to it that the invested funds are used responsibly.

CRI Strategy Development Process

CRI Strategy Development Process