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Trusted Partner to Catholic Investors Around the World

Christian Brothers Investment Services, Inc. (CBIS) is a Catholic, socially responsible investment management firm and Registered Investment Advisor. Founded in 1981 by the De La Salle Christian Brothers, CBIS has from its inception worked exclusively with Catholic investors interested in unifying faith and finance, helping them achieve their investment goals through the responsible management of their assets.

Headquartered in Chicago, the CBIS group has a presence in New York, San Francisco, Rome, and Madrid.

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As the Catholic responsible investment firm of choice for a diverse range of Catholic investors in terms of portfolio size, investment horizon, and budget requirements.

Catholic Responsible Investments

Catholic Responsible InvestmentsSM (CRI) is CBIS’ unique approach to socially responsible investing. Designed specifically to help Catholic investors who are looking to transform the world as they pursue their missions, CRI seeks to provide sound financial returns while remaining faithful to the moral and social teachings of the Church.

From its inception, CBIS has drawn on a diverse range of strategies to implement its CRI process. It is the firm’s long-held belief that a multi-manager, multi-strategy approach allows for the full integration of Catholic teachings into a responsible approach to investing.

Manager of Managers

CBIS engages third-party institutional investment firms to actively sub-advise the assets in a series of portfolios. By combining managers with unique and complementary styles, CBIS seeks to achieve the average of their excess returns while reducing downside risk relative to the benchmark.

Delivering on this goal requires disciplined research and analysis to help identify premier money managers and blend them together to create a diverse range of portfolios. CBIS utilizes a multi-manager approach in the construction of its series of funds.



Jeffrey A. McCroy
President & Chief Executive Officer
Andrea Favaloro
President – CBIS Global

Company History

Christian Brothers Investment Services, Inc. (CBIS) was founded in 1981 by the De La Salle Christian Brothers. The Founders, embodying the vision and innovative spirit of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the patron saint of teachers, set out to develop well-managed investment solutions that could help Catholic Church organizations not only meet their current investment needs, but future ones as well.

The Catholic United Investment Trust (“CUIT”), a lineup of ten no-load pooled investment vehicles, was established in 1983. These single-asset funds were designed to provide certain members or subsidiary organizations of the Roman Catholic Church a means for the long-term investment of assets for retirement, endowment, welfare, and similar purposes.

In 2018, CBIS launched the CUIT Magnus® Series, a lineup of four no-load pooled investment vehicles. These multi-asset funds, designed to provide Catholic institutions a turnkey fund-of-funds option, invest substantially all of their assets in CUIT’s individual no-load pooled investment vehicles.

In December 2021, the CUIT lineup of single- and multi-asset funds were restructured to be more easily available to a broader Catholic audience, amplifying the CBIS mission to deliver responsible investing strategies to Catholic investors. These restructured funds are now known as the CRI single- and CRI multi-asset funds.

Today, CBIS is responsible for the management of over 800 Catholic investors worldwide.

  • 1981

    CBIS Founded

  • 1983

    CUIT Established

  • 1999

    CBIS Website

  • 2008

    Global Funds
    plc Launched

  • 2014

    Branding of Catholic
    Responsible Investing

  • 2018

    CUIT Magnus®
    Series Launched

  • 2021

    CUIT Funds
    to CRI Funds

Governing Bodies

The CBIS Board of Directors and CBIS Global Funds Board help the CBIS management team align each of the investment programs we offer with Catholic moral and social beliefs. Their leadership and commitment to faith-based investing guide us daily in our service efforts on behalf of Catholic institutions.

  • Mr. Edward Mooney Jr.
  • Mr. Jeffrey A. McCroy
  • Brother Martin Rocha Pedrajo, FSC
  • Ms. Pamela S. Gleeson
  • Mr. William R. Rybak


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