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Timely and thought-provoking insights from the CBIS Investment Team, key considerations for Catholic Responsible Investing (CRI) investors, and active ownership updates from the Impact & Justice team.

CRI Quarterly Review – Q1 2024
CRI Quarterly Review – Q4 2023
CRI Quarterly Review – Q3 2023
CRI Quarterly Review – Q2 2023
CRI Quarterly Review – Q1 2023
CRI Quarterly Review – 4Q 2022
CRI Quarterly Review – 3Q 2022
CRI Quarterly Review – 2Q – 2022
CRI Quarterly Review – 1Q 2022
CRI Quarterly Review – 4Q 2021
Quarterly Review – 3Q 2021
2Q2021 Market Perspective: The Haves and the Have-Nots
1Q2021 Market Perspective: How the Economic Recovery Impacts Markets, Inflation and Productivity
4Q2020 Market Perspective: 2021: The Case for Conviction
3Q2020 Market Perspective: Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus
2Q2020 Market Perspective: It’s Daybreak, the Sails are Set, but the Seas Remain Turbulent
1Q 2020 Market Perspective: Navigating through a pandemic that stopped the world
4Q 2019 Market Perspective: Stage is Set for Continued Economic Growth in 2020
3Q 2019 Market Perspective: Value & Growth Strategies Since the Global Financial Crisis
2Q 2019 Market Perspective: Tariffs Taking Their Toll
Q2 2018 Market Overview: The Trade Deficit and Tariffs
Q1 2018: The Return of Volatility
Q4 2017 Market Perspective: Another Strong Year
Q3 2017 Market Overview: Aging Bull
Q2 2017 Market Overview: Still Great Expectations
Q1 2017 Market Overview: Be Prepared
Q4 2016 Market Overview: A Very Political Economy
Q3 2016 Market Overview: THE YOGI BERRA MARKET
Q2 2016 Global Market Overview: The Value Malaise

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