In keeping with Catholic teaching, we work on behalf of investors to encourage companies to improve their policies and practices, which can help workers, local communities, and the environment and can reduce investment risk.

In addition to filing shareholder resolutions and voting proxies, we engage in long-term dialogue with companies to advise them and hold them accountable as responsible corporate citizens whose activities have global impacts.

  • We press companies aggressively on issues of Human Dignity and Justice, including human trafficking, human rights, and workers rights.
  • We encourage the Stewardship of God’s creation by promoting the responsible use of natural resources.
  • We focus the attention of corporate management on the importance of Shared Prosperity — because success is a blessing that comes with the obligation to help others in a fair and just manner.
  • We support Responsible Ownership and Corporate Responsibility among portfolio companies in order to promote the common good.

“As part owners, [individual Christians and church institutions] must cooperate in shaping the policies of those companies through dialogue with management, through votes at corporate meetings, through the introduction of resolutions and through participation in investment decisions.”
— Economic Justice for All, 354