How to Get Involved: World Water Day was March 22

Water security is one of the greatest risks facing our planet today. As Catholics we are called to be stewards of God’s creation; it is our responsibility to nurture, respect, preserve, and protect the planet as a resource for all, including future generations. Global demand for fresh water is growing rapidly, and water scarcity could threaten public health, economic development, and political stability. Organizations across the globe, including the Vatican, are issuing a call to action to find collaborative solutions to water security.

This year’s theme, Why Waste Water, acknowledges an integral issue in water security – reducing and reusing waste water. Guided by Catholic Social Teaching, CBIS is working to address water quality impacts with two of the largest food processors in the world, in addition to dialogues with other companies on water risks and the human right to water. Food producers can play an outsized role water stewardship by minimizing water quality impacts from their operations, ensuring the protection of human health and access to clean water.

We invite you to use the resources below to learn about how our Catholic faith plays a central role in being stewards of life’s most precious resource.

Visit the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility’s (ICCR) World Water Day page. CBIS works closely with ICCR on water issues; the page has more information the issue and how we are working to protect our water resources.

Learn about this year’s World Water Day theme with’s factsheet, “Why Waste Water?”

Join Pope Francis as he live-streams an address at the Vatican at 10 AM CET (5 AM ET / 2 AM PT) on March 22 via Facebook, to launch an initiative called WATERSHED. If you are unable to participate live, archive footage of the event will be available on the WATERSHED website after the event.

Attend the Water Justice events at the Trinity Institute on March 22-24 in New York, or at one of the partner sites.