In March 2016, CBIS organized and spoke on a webinar for SRI investment analysts about new tools to advance corporate efforts towards responsible mining. Anglo American, the world’s fifth largest mining company, participated to share new tools to advance responsible mining. The company discussed its membership in The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA), an innovative multi-stakeholder group that is working to develop best practice for mine sites, including standards for environmental and social issues, labor rights, indigenous peoples and cultural heritage, and pollution control. The coalition includes businesses purchasing minerals and metals, public interest groups, community organizations as well as trade unions and a handful of other mining companies.

Anglo American is a top producer of platinum, coal, copper, and diamonds. In the past year, four mines have experienced labor strikes due to health and safety concerns, job cuts, and wages. Improvements to the sites have been registered but progress has been inconsistent. CBIS is working with Anglo American to strengthen labor standards, create a process to log grievances and implement corrective actions, and improve environmental practices to address air and water concerns.