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Do you need a form to open a new account, update an existing account, or conduct a transaction? This page provides an alphabetical listing of all forms as downloadable PDFs with instructions. You can either fill it out electronically in your browser, or download and complete using Adobe software. (Note: Not all Adobe form features are available in all web browsers.) Print, sign, and date the form, and fax or mail it to CBIS using the address on the form.

If you aren’t sure which form you need or have a question about completing them, please contact us by phone or email. We look forward to assisting you with your account needs.

Address Change Form

Use this form to change the organization or contact, address, phone number, or e-mail address on your account.

Amended and Restated CUIT Declaration of Trust
Bank Instructions Form

Use this form to establish or update ACH and wire instructions.

Certificate of Resolution

If your organization requires the Certificate of Resolution – Dual Authorization (Two Signers), please contact your Relationship Manager.

CUIT Account Opening Instructions
CUIT Account Update Instructions
CUIT Fund Numbers
CUIT Purchase Instructions
CUIT Redemption Instructions
Exchange Form

Use this form to exchange between CUIT Funds and accounts.

IRS W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number

Catholic institutions wishing to establish a relationship with CBIS must fill out and return the Investment Application, Certificate of Resolution, and IRS W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number.

NOTE: All prospective participants must review the CUIT Offering Memorandum and the Declaration of Trust documents found in the column on the left side of this page.

Investment Account Application
Investment Account Application for Current Participants

Use this form to establish a new account under your master account (i.e. Building Fund or Retirement Fund).

One-Time Redemption Form

Use this form to request a one-time redemption by check, ACH or domestic wire.

Effective March 31, 2021, CBIS will discontinue processing international wires

Online Access Form

Use this form to create an online user ID, which will enable you to view your accounts online, print statements, initiate transactions and more.

Online Access Guide
Purchase Form

Use this form for check deposits, wire deposits to multiple funds, ACH deposits, or to add, revise or cancel an Automatic Investment Plan.

This form replaces the CUIT Automatic ACH Purchase Form, Check Deposit Form, and Wire Deposit Form.

Effective May 2016, please use new Swift code for incoming International wires: IRVTUS3N

Rebalancing Form

Use this form to change account targets and rebalance, or to rebalance only.

Statement Holder Change Form

Use this form to add or delete a statement holder on your account.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan

Use this form to add, revise or cancel a repetitive check, ACH or domestic wire.

This form replaces the CUIT Systematic ACH Redemption Request and the CUIT Systematic Redemption Request.

Target Allocation Form

Use this form to set up or change target allocations without a rebalancing. Target allocation changes can take up to five days to complete. If you have transactions to process per target allocations within the five days, notify BNYM Account Service at U.S. 800-321-7194 or International 508-871-9942 to advise that new targets have been sent in. This will ensure transitions are completed with the correct allocation.

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