CBIS Fund Transformation

In December 2021, we converted CBIS’ CUIT funds to the Catholic Responsible Investment funds. We believe this is the best way to amplify our mission to deliver responsible investing strategies to a larger universe of Catholic investors, in support of our ultimate goal: to amplify the power of Catholic investing in a way that will transform the world. We believe as more Catholic investors gain access to CBIS and our Catholic Responsible Investing approach, more good Catholic work will be done.

Learn more about this exciting transformation
Letter from CEO Jeffrey McCroy and CIO John Geissinger, CFA

Fund Transformation Toolkit

To access information and resources for investors as part of the transformation process, including forms and contact information for our service partners, view the CBIS Fund Transformation Tool Kit below.

Website Guide
Sample Monthly Statement
FundsAUM Guide
FundsAUM Designation Form
First Time Login Guide
Fund Administrator Contact Information
CBIS Fund Transformation Frequently Asked Questions
CBIS Fund Transformation Fact Sheet


Why Is CBIS Undertaking This Transformation — and Why Now?
Why Didn’t This Transformation Happen Sooner?
Will CBIS Lose Its Distinctive Charism as It Broadens the Universe of Investors
Which Organizations Are CBIS Partnering With As Part of This Transformation?
What Do I Have to Do As a Current Investor?